Hair Color Prejudice: Gingerism


Being a red-head can be tough, at least in the UK where ginger gene carriers are relentlessly heckled with such epithets as ‘ginger nuts’ ‘carrot top’, ‘ginge minge’, even ‘ginger bollocks’ to name just a few. Newspapers reported last year of a Newcastle family so tortured that they had to flee their homes, the last resort after even their council suggested they dye their hair. Such apparent lenience with this particular brand of discrimination has prompted journalists to ask “is gingerism as bad as racism?”  In response, British artist Jenny Wicks has photographed and filmed victims and produced an exhibition dedicated to red hair, its genetic and geographical aspects, and the social attitudes it inspires. More after the jump.

Karen is from the UK and currently lives in Hawaii. She has an MA from University College London and has been published in Spread magazine, Trazzler and Cantaraville. More from this author →