Random Media Notes


Random Media NotesFollowing the news that the paper may fold is an announcement that SFGate, the online arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, is going to start charging for content.

Amazon to sell e-books for Apple devices.

State’s Attorney General fileds objection to Journal Register executive bonuses based in part on laying off staff.

Volunteers put the Economist into Chinese.

The number of people willing to write for free is vast. That maybe true (it is true) as this article points out, but it doesn’t mean that only those with trust funds and independent wealth will be able to write. Almost everybody has another job while they’re working on their first book, that they may, or may not, one day sell. I wrote three books before I was ever paid for writing. I wrote them while bartending, while working as a ski-bum, and doing office temp work. People that are drawn to write will continue to do so, whether or not they can make a good living at it.

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