The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Before I say anything about book blog land today, I want to thank Brian Spears, our Poetry and Saturday Editor here at The Rumpus, for putting together some of the best information on Haiti I’ve been able to find anywhere. Take a moment to check it out, especially this.

As for the book blogs…

Xerox is gonna help make those espresso book machines.

Mark Athitakis hates lists, too.

Patricia Highsmith and Flannery O’Connor were roommates. “Look, can’t you see it?” said O’Connor to Highsmith during a lightning storm, “Jesus’s face.” That must have gone swimmingly.

I love Cormac McCarthy. I think the man can tell a story like no other. I’ve read pretty much all of his books. But he, like David Foster Wallace, seems to be the kind of writer no one wants to criticize right now. Steven Poole is taking issue with his writing, and from the comments, it seems he hit a nerve. Now you’ve done it, Mr. Poole. Judge Holden is coming for you. (via)

At The Millions, the art of purging books.

And finally, I might be bending our “no celebrities” rule, but here it is anyway: Christopher Walken reading “The Raven.” (via) (via)


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