The First Four Books For the Rumpus Book Club


We’ve chosen the first four books for The Rumpus Book Club. Here they are:

June: Citrus County by John Brandon, McSweeneys. Publishers Weekly has already raved that John Brandon’s “dry wit, dark imagination, and surprisingly big heart combine to reveal a Florida that, despite (or because of) being more Ted Bundy than Disney World, is absolutely worth visiting.”

July: The Surf Guru by Doug Dorst, Riverhead. The Surf Guru is an outstanding story collection. Dorst is also kind of a McSweeney’s author with several of the stories here previously published in McSweeney’s Quarterly.

August: Richard Yates by Tao Lin, Melville House. This is Tao Lin’s second novel. He is also the author of the fantastic novella Shoplifting From American Apparel as well as story collections and a book of poetry.

September: All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost by Lan Samantha Chang. Lan Samantha Chang is the head of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and her new novel is rumored to be based on a famous professor. Here’s the official description: “At the renowned writing school in Bonneville, every student is simultaneously terrified of and attracted to the charismatic and mysterious poet and professor Miranda Sturgis, whose high standards for art are both intimidating and inspiring. As two students, Roman and Bernard, strive to win her admiration, the lines between mentorship, friendship, and love are blurred.”

Our second book, The Surf Guru, begins shipping June 21. More details here.

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