Marie Calloway Roundup


A story by Marie Calloway has ignited the internet literary world. OK, the internet literary house, which is actually just a small, wooden A-frame.

The story is Adrien Brody, a lightly fictionalized version of the young writer sleeping with an older writer she admires. The real “Adrien Brody” is apparently easily recognizable to people who know him.

Emily Gould has a long, meta-not critique, something else, on Marie Calloway.

Kate Zambreno writes a great think piece questioning many of our assumptions about the young writer.

The New York Observer called Marie Calloway the new literary ‘It’ girl.

Tao Lin, who published the story, defends Marie Calloway on his Tumblr.

Rumpus contributor Roxane Gay considers the implications of Adrien Brody on HTMLGIANT.

Jimmy Chen rewrites Adrien Brody as if written by Roman Polanski.

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