Whoops, I hired Isaac


This is The Daily Rumpus email from three years ago today when I announced to the world The Rumpus had its first employee.

The Daily Rumpus 6-15-09, Whoops, I hired Isaac

Hi! So today is kind of a big day in Rumpus history. Today is the day Isaac starts working full time on The Rumpus. That makes two full time employees. How is this possible, you might ask. And we might ask the same thing back. I could give you the whole breakdown, but let’s just say last week Isaac was making 35K a year and this week he’s making 15 and looking for part time work in a coffee shop. This would be a good time to make a donation. Isaac needs health insurance.

Here is a picture of Isaac I just stole from his facebook page. He’s a sweet kid. A bit naive. Lots of energy. And like most of us he just wants people to like him. He rides a motorcycle and used to smuggle medical supplies into Burma across the Thai border.

We’re still considering the non-profit thing. We’ll probably be considering that and not doing it for a while. I’ve taken on a second roommate. He’s living in my other roommate’s room and we’re looking into moving the fridge out of that little back door area and putting a cot in there. We’re cutting expenses.

You might also notice an entirely new format for The Daily Rumpus. We’re using Constant Contact instead of Google Groups. This allows us to do all sorts of neat things. As I get better at it I’ll be using background colors, Japanimation, and embedded industrial noise. (editor’s note, this didn’t happen and we immediately went back to Google Groups.)


Artists interviewing artists. Zak Smith in conversation with Sean McCarthy.

Zak Smith: There’s a lot of “stoner” art being made these days-like some half-assed faux-naive drawing of a yeti riding a bicycle into a bee’s butt or something. Your work isn’t like that-yet it does seem to have something to do with the kind of doom/stoner metal being put out by like Sleep or Electric Wizard or Monster Magnet back when they were good-can you talk about this stoner aesthetic or mood?  About paranoia?  About hallucination, paranoia, altered perceptions of time-anything like that?


Also, check out the new Morning Coffee guy. He’s happier.

This is where the template tells me to: “Thank your customer, tell them how valuable they are to you, but don’t go overboard. Insincerity is easy to spot.”But really, if you’re worrying about being insincere, you already are, right?


Stephen Elliott
The Rumpus

p.s. I know this is not the greatest email in the world. I have a headache this morning. But I would love your opinions on the new email thing. Is it too formal?

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