What About That Rumpus Movie?


We’ve added a bunch of rewards to the Happy Baby movie kickstarter, and two events. Here’s a breakdown, including The Dominatrix Package and the Essay Transformation Package, also, The Big Fat Box Of Books:

For $250 there’s the Poetry Package. Nick Flynn, Camille Dungy, Matthew Zapruder, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, and Rumpus Poetry Editor Brian Spears, will all give feedback on a sample of your poetry, five pages max. Includes the screening package, which will allow you to see the movie before it’s finished, and after, and a pdf of the script.

For $375 there’s the Essay Transformation Package. Personal feedback on an essay, up to twenty pages, from frequent New York Times contributor Chris Colin, Rumpus Senior Literary Editor Julie Greicius, and Chloe Caldwell. They’ll also comment on your second draft and brainstorm with you places to submit the essay for publication, depending on your goals.

Mistress Alex demonstrating the Dominatrix Package

For $400 there’s The Dominatrix Package. A one hour session, or one hour of instruction for a couple, with Mistress Justine in Los Angeles (at the newly renovated Dungeon West),  Mistress Crimson in Chicago, Mistress Morgana in San Francisco, or Mistress Alex in New York.

For $650 there’s the Big Fat Box of Books reward. Thirty brand new books, all just released, not even out yet, or signed by the author. Includes signed books from Steve Almond, Dave Eggers, Cheryl Strayed, Tobias Wolff, Jillian Lauren, Chloe Caldwell, Nick Flynn, and more.

For $5,500 you can have my relationship with James Franco. What does that mean? I’m not really sure. I can’t promise anything from James, but I’ll send you a notarized document transferring full ownership. It was originally $6,000 but we lowered the amount.

Happy Baby is based on the book of the same name. You can read a chapter here.

Check the Happy Baby updates page for videos and information. And remember, any of the rewards can serve as gifts for the holidays.

Our next event is Thursday, November 29, in New York, The Literary Community Presents. We’re also having an event in Los Angeles Dec. 7.



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