Anatomy of A Kickstarter


We’re now 85% toward our kickstarter goal. So close, but with only 3 days left to go. What we’re trying to do, if you haven’t heard previously through The Daily Rumpus, or on Twitter, or Facebook, is raise $85,000 to make a movie from my novel Happy Baby.

It’s been a month long process, and we’re close enough that we’re starting to feel small bursts of optimism, like ecstasy at a dance party. Little pings of happiness. But we’re still terrified. Terrified of not meeting our goal and also terrified of meeting our goal and having to make a feature film with very little money. Because even if the kickstarter is successful it’s not very much for a complicated movie with a variety of characters.

The irony is that the result of all the hard work is more hard work. But it’s probably not supposed to be easy.

If nothing else, check out the Happy Baby movie kickstarter for the incredible awards. Including a big fat box of books, a session with a dominatrix, a trip to the Turkish baths with Jonathan Ames, and my relationship with James Franco.

Here’s our kickstarter introduction video:

And here’s Mr. Gracie, a short movie based on one of the characters in Happy Baby:

Consider getting involved. We love you back.

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