Poem of the Day: “What Kind of Times Are These” by Adrienne Rich


This year saw Adrienne Rich’s poems released into a collected edition by Norton, and some really great new articles written about her. Though she passed away in 2012, it’s safe to say that she remains a presence, will always remain a presence, in American writing. Her voice is still just as deeply felt, as urgent, as clear, and as necessary as it has been since her most famous collection, Diving into the Wreck, was released in 1974. Rich shied away from nothing, and fought fiercely within the feminist thesis that the personal is political. She asked questions like accusations in poems like “What Kind of Times Are These.” We should all be better for reading it.


And I won’t tell you where it is, so why do I tell you
anything? Because you still listen, because in times like these
to have you listen at all, it’s necessary
to talk about trees.

Read the full poem at The Poetry Foundation.

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