The Rumpus Book Club

Please note: We also have a Rumpus Poetry Book Club!

How The Rumpus Book Club Works: You pay $27 a month and every month you get a book in the mail that hasn’t been released yet. We’ll discuss the book all month while we read it. You’re then invited to an exclusive moderated online discussion with the author at the end of the month which we’ll edit and run on The Rumpus as a feature article (like this one).

You don’t have to participate in the discussion or review the book; you can also just subscribe to receive a new, unpublished book every month.

We’re going to try to only read good books. We’ll fail sometimes. The books will often be hardcover, but not always. Occasionally they’ll be paperback originals. Sometimes the books will be large hardcovers like the 1,000 page hardcover The Instructions by Adam Levine. Some books featured in the book club include The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch, Vicky Swanky Is A Beauty by Diane Williams, Tenth of December by George Saunders, and Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

It’s neat because we’re going to have a discussion about new books, rather than waiting to be told what books have been approved for cultural consumption. It used to be that only people in the media got advance copies of books but that wall has come down. Now everybody’s a reviewer.

And, our Book Club helps us keep The Rumpus running—so, you can speak with your favorite writers, read great books, and support the website in one fell swoop.

You can also save money by purchasing a one-year gift subscription for yourself or a friend. And programs like our Book Club put you in direct communication with the literary community and keep The Rumpus running in one fell swoop!





Q: Who do I contact for customer service? A: [email protected].

Q: Can I sign up for both the Poetry Book Club and The Rumpus Book Club and get a discount? A: Yes. You can subscribe to both for $48 a month.

Q: How do you choose your books? A: There are several ways that books are chosen. Our favorite is when someone we really trust tells us that they’ve come across a book that was earth shattering. An example of this is Cheryl Strayed recommending The Chronology of Water. Another is when there’s a specific book that we’re really interested in and we think our readers will be interested in; that’s why we chose Richard Yates by Tao Lin. When we think a book is particularly controversial we’ll usually discuss it with the book club members first in our book club discussion group.

One thing you can always be certain of is that we will never make a decision based on the price of the book, or anything other than quality. But of course we will sometimes choose books that aren’t as good as we had hoped and we will miss books we should have chosen or two books will come out in the same month and we’ll only get to choose one.

Q: Is it true there are plans to start a poetry book club? A: It has happened! The Rumpus Poetry Book Club is in effect.

Q: Are there refunds. A: No. But it’s easy to cancel your subscription, and we tell you what books we will be choosing as far in advance as possible.

Q: How do I find out about times for The Book Club chat with the author and stuff like that? A: We send announcements through our Book Club Announcement Google group (different from the discussion group) and Poetry Book Club Google group. If you joined that book club but didn’t get an invitation to the announcement group please send an email to [email protected]. It’s not mandatory to join the announcement group or the discussion group.

Q: What happened to the comments on the book club? A: We moved the book club URL. You can read the original discussion here.