Letters For Kids

Letters For Kids fosters a love of reading and writing! We’ve been sending letters from authors to kids around the world since 2012! It’s great for children 6–12, classrooms and libraries. You can subscribe monthly or get a year-long subscription. Live outside the US? We have an international subscription too!

You or your child will get two letters a month written by authors like Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, Adam Rex, Kerry Madden, Natalie Standiford, Susan Patron, Rebecca Stead, Cecil Castellucci, and more. You can view sample letters here and here.

Some of the letters will be illustrated. Some will be written by hand. Some will be in color, some will be in black and white. It’s hard to say! We’ll copy the letters, fold them, put them in an envelope, put a first class stamp on the envelope, and send the letters to you (or your child, it’s up to you who to put in the shipping address).

Many of the authors will include a mailing address on their letter so you can write back. But we can’t guarantee it. We can’t control these people. Some of them live in the woods.

You might be wondering why The Rumpus is doing something for a younger audience. Is it because we ourselves are getting older? Probably not. We can only respond with one of our favorite quotes from Dave Eggers, one of the founders of 826: “The wind knows nothing, don’t flatter her with your questions.”

Anyway, this is fun. Six is pretty much the perfect age to start checking your mailbox. And if you’ve waited until you were ten, well, you’re four years behind but still, it’s not too late. And if you’re sixteen, that’s OK, there’s still something of the kid left. And if you’re sixty, well… OK. You’re young at heart—or you may be interested in our Letters In The Mail program for adults.

Letters For Kids will be managed by the talented and mysterious YA author Cecil Castellucci, our Children’s Correspondence Coordinator (didn’t know we had one of those, did you?).

When you subscribe you’ll be asked first for your shipping address. This is where you put the name and address of the person the letter should go to. On the next page you’ll be asked for your billing address. You’ll have to fill out both, even if they’re the same.


SPECIAL PROMOTION! Through September 1oth, a 9-month subscription for teachers and librarians will be available for purchase. Share Letters for Kids with your students! Contact for details.

Third-grade teacher Shannon says about Letters for Kids:

My kids LOVE the letters—especially the variety in them (we never know what the author is going to say and I don’t read the letter ahead of time so it’s a surprise for all of us). We have responded to a couple letters and that is really fun too. Letter writing used to be a third grade standard but is no longer. Letters for Kids is a great way for me to keep letter writing alive. :)

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