Antonia Crane

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I long to learn from my darkest teachers, feel the stab of their spectacular rejection. Perhaps I feel most alive when I’m hurting. ...more

HowtoGrowUp_Michelle Tea_credit Lydia Daniller

Growing Up: The Rumpus Interview with Michelle Tea


Michelle Tea discusses life in recovery, the meaning of family, motherhood, and her new memoir How to Grow Up. ...more


Holy Orange


Years later, Bombay is still fresh in my mind and in my bones. As a visitor, I was naïve and lost. When I hear bells, I still see statues of Ganesh in a cool, stone temple and smell sandalwood incense. ...more

unhappy mirror

Halloween is Waiting


Every Halloween, the ghost of my 11 year-old self haunts me. She’s in the candy aisle at Rite Aid gorging on fun-size Twix bars. She’s wrapping candy corn lights around her neck. She’s trying on a vampire costume grinning through plastic fangs with a scraggly black wig in her eyes.



Here Comes the Girl


I didn’t analyze production levels or consider marketing strategies. I didn’t say to myself, “Tonight you’re going to get with the jack-off program.” I was a dime-a-dozen girl doing a customer service job, and that job demanded more and more of me whether I liked it or not. ...more