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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: All Bodies Count


Personal representation weighs heavily on the disabled because we don't often see each other out in the world. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Pussy Noir


Jason Barnes talks about performing burlesque, genderfuck fashion, naked contortionists, and “being above gender” as his alter ego Pussy Noir. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jacob Wren


Jacob Wren discusses his newest novel, Polyamorous Love Song, the relationship between art and ethics, and whether Kanye West is a force for good in the art and music world. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The (Online) Stories We Tell


Sometimes you want to dream about the life you didn’t get to have. Sometimes you want to see the life you were lucky to escape. ...more

Weird, Wonderful Woolf


Emma Woolf (yes, a relation) writes about the personal life of Virginia Woolf:

There has been much speculation about the sexual dimension of the Woolfs’ relationship: was the marriage ever consummated, was she frigid, was she a lesbian? In 1967 her half-brother Gerald Brenan added fuel to the fire, writing: “Leonard told me that when on their honeymoon he had tried to make love to her, she had got into such a violent state of excitement that he had to stop, knowing as he did that, these states were a prelude to her attacks of madness .



The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Transparent and the Evolving Culture of Shame


There's a ray of nuclear longing at the center of Transparent... ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Falling For The Femme Fatale


If power is going to shift toward equality, men have to see power less as an inherent right and more as something we can be incentivized to relinquish. ...more

“A Sex Work Testament from Someone Outside the Movement”


Emotions tend to run high around controversial confessional writer Marie Calloway’s blunt descriptions of sex, but few have discussed her exploration of sex work.

Enter sex-worker blog Tits & Sass, where two editors had a conversation about the feelings of recognition (and, sometimes, second-hand embarrassment) they had while reading about Calloway’s adventures as a “newbie hooker.”

It’s well worth a read, even if you think you’ve had enough Calloway coverage.