Poem of the Day: “Burial Practice” by Srikanth Reddy


Srikanth Reddy’s Facts for Visitors, from which this poem is from, came out in 2004; it has beautiful and inventive poems which Reddy has continued to produce since then in books like Voyager (which is a book of erasure made from Kurt Waldheim’s memoir, In the Eye of the Storm). Reddy’s focus, through the textual combativeness of the postmodern, is on the sincere connections of people between the lines—a somewhat desperate grab for what is between us.


Then the same war by a different name.
Wine splashing in the bucket.
The erection, the era.
Then exit Reason.
Then sadness without reason.
Then the removal of the ceiling by hand.


Find the poem in its entirety and hear Srikanth Reddy read it over at The Poetry Foundation.

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