Our House


For those of us living in San Francisco (or any urban center, for that matter), Peter Orner’s “Who Owns That House?” will probably hit some familiar notes.

Published today on The New York Times’s Opinionator blog, the Rumpus columnist’s piece tells the all-too-common story of one family’s struggle to contend with the reality of being “priced out” of their neighborhood. Orner taps into the larger issue of what it means to actually have neighbors you can rely on, and how we’re all supposed to cope when urban priorities shift from community and identity to gentrification and wealth.

The essay also features an excellent “SF Renter vs. SF Buyer” illustration, drawn by none other than Wendy MacNaughton. Did we mention you should see her current art show?

Rebecca Rubenstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Midnight Breakfast. When not reading books made of paper, she can be found thinking aloud on Twitter. She resides in San Francisco and maintains a healthy relationship with the fog. Rebecca is Interviews Editor Emeritus for The Rumpus. More from this author →