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Publisher and owner: Alyson Sinclair (she/her)

Editor-in-chief: Aram Mrjoian (he/him)

Managing editor: Stephanie Trott (she/her)

Essays Team
Senior editors: Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn (she/they), Robbie Maakestad (he/him), Kate B. Merritt (she/her), Darcy Gagnon (he/him)
Editors: T. L. Pavlich (they/them), Lauren J. Sharkey (she/her)
Assistant editors: Shaan Amin, Taylor Byas (she/her), Anna Held, Di Jayawickrema (she/her), Davon Loeb
Readers: Bethany Marcel (she/her), Deirdre Sugiuchi (she/her), Fran Teoh (she/her), Hannah Wohlenberg, Jamie Cattanach (she/her), Janika Oza (she/her), Maya Garcia Fisher (she/her), Molly Guinn Bradley (she/her), Sienna Zeilinger (she/her), Celia Cook (they/she), Natalie Plahuta (she/her), Ashlen Renner (she/they), Holly Bergman (she/her), Tiffany Yo (she/her), noam keim (they/them), Claire Sasko (she/her), Mitchell Monahan (he/him), Allison Armijo (she/they)

Fiction Team
Senior editors: Kelly Dignan and Reena Shah
Editors: Angela Boyd (she/her), Liwen Xu (she/her), Chris Santantasio, and Katie Quach
ReadersAlexandra Christie (she/her), Amy Estes, Amy Wheeler Harwood, Billy Gong (he/him), Christina Marable (she/her), Christopher Rose (he/they), D.E. Hardy, Denise S. Robbins, Elise Liu, Elizabeth Zertuche (she/her), Eric Mueller (he/him), Gisele Firmino, Ifeanyichukwu Eze, Jacqueline Johnson (she/her), Jeffrey Xiong (he/they), Katie Antonsson (she/her), Katie Coleman (she/her), Kelly Tanner-Backenroth (she/her), Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick (he/they), LT Takemoto, Marissa Fretes, MaxieJane Frazier, Nicole Nelson, Nina Semczuk, Paul Corning (he/him), Shella Parcarey, Tonesa Jones (she/her), Walker Minot (he/him)

Interviews Team
Editor: Annelies Zijderveld
Assistant editor: Janet Rodriguez

Books Team
Prose reviews editor: Michael Barron
Poetry reviews editor: Leena Soman Navani (she/her)

Poetry Team
Editors: Cortney Lamar Charleston (he/him) and Carolina Ebeid
Senior poetry editors: Brian Spears, Molly Spencer (she/her)
Assistant poetry editors: Monica Romo, Nicholas Nichols
Readers: S. Erin Batiste (she/her), blkcowrie (she, her, we, us), Sean Bowers (he/him), Ella Fox, Emma Hyche (she/her), Danielle Spratley, Cindy Tran (she/her)

Columns Editors
ENOUGH: Katie Kosma (she/her)
Funny Women: Elissa Bassist (she/her/witch)
Funny Women assistant editors: Sarah Garfinkel (she/her), Jennie Egerdie (she/her)
Parallel Practice: Anna Held
Voices on Addiction: Kelly Thompson (she/her)
We Are More: Michelle Zamanian

Comics editor: Colleen Kolba

Marisa Siegel (she/her)
Marissa Korbel (she/they)

Art Director: Ian MacAllen (he/him)
Engagement Editor: Caitlin Rae Taylor
Store Manager: Eric Carroll
Ads & Letters in the Mail Coordinator: Monica Romo, [email protected]

Site administrator: Jesse Keyes

The Rumpus Advisory Board
Mary-Kim ArnoldMelissa FebosRoxane Gay, Julie Greicius, Christine H. LeeLyz LenzCeleste NgCheryl Strayed, Claire Vaye Watkins

The Rumpus supports and stands with Black Lives Matter. You can learn more, and access BLM-endorsed strategies to enact change locally and worldwide, at blacklivesmatters.carrd.co.

A special thanks to the following founding editors: Isaac Fitzgerald (co-founder and managing editor), Roxane Gay (essays), Katy Henriksen (music), Paul Madonna (comics), Molly McArdle (Tumblr), Jason Novak (illustration), Rebecca Rubenstein (interviews), and to our former store manager, Wendy Rutkowski. Thanks also to former Publisher, Marisa Siegel, managing editors Lisa Dusenbery, Zoë Ruiz, and Lyz Lenz, and to former Advisory Board member Kima Jones.