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Senior features editors: Lisa Factora-Borchers, Claire Rudy Foster, Megan Giddings, Robbie Maakestad, Lisa Mecham, Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn

Features editors: Kate Branca, Eve Ettinger, Darcy Gagnon, p.e. garcia, T. L. Pavlich, Lauren J. Sharkey

Assistant features editors: Taylor Byas, Sarah Kasbeer, Sarah Kersey, Davon Loeb

Senior fiction editor: Denne Michele Norris

Fiction editors: Rebecca Rubenstein, Vonetta Young

Interviews editor: Monet Patrice Thomas

Assistant interviews editors: Janet Frishberg, A. Malone

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Senior poetry editors: Brian Spears, Molly Spencer

Rumpus Original Poetry editors: Cortney Lamar Charleston, Carolina Ebeid

Poetry reviews editors: Noah Baldino, Leena Soman Navani

Assistant poetry editor: Nicholas Nichols

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We Are More editor: Michelle Zamanian

Editor-at-large: Katie Kosma

Programs administrator and store manager: Wendy Rutkowski

Children’s correspondence coordinator: Rosiee Thor

Site administrator: Jesse Keyes

The Rumpus Advisory Board: Mary-Kim ArnoldMelissa FebosRoxane Gay, Julie Greicius, Christine H. LeeLyz LenzCeleste NgCheryl StrayedClaire Vaye Watkins

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The Rumpus supports and stands with Black Lives Matter. You can learn more, and access BLM-endorsed strategies to enact change locally and worldwide, at blacklivesmatters.carrd.co.

A special thanks to the following founding editors: Isaac Fitzgerald (co-founder and managing editor), Roxane Gay (essays), Katy Henriksen (music), Paul Madonna (comics), Molly McArdle (Tumblr), Jason Novak (illustration), Rebecca Rubenstein (interviews). Thanks also to former managing editors Lisa Dusenbery, Zoë Ruiz, and Lyz Lenz and former Advisory Board member Kima Jones. The Rumpus was founded by Stephen Elliott.