This year The Rumpus turned 13, and we’re feeling ALL our angsty growing pains! We want to assert our independence, but we also really NEED a good support system. That’s where RUMPUS MEMBERS come in.

Become an inaugural member of The Rumpus and help us reach our 1st goal of 600 Members!

Digital only Memberships are $7 a month or $77 a year. If you enjoy receiving physical perks in your real life mailbox, join us at one of the Membership + Letters in the Mail (from authors) levels for $15 a month or $150 a year (a 21% discount vs. purchasing a Membership + subscription separately).

By joining, you truly are helping us build a sustainable future AND getting some exclusive content, early access, and sweet deals for yourself.

Need more convincing? If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you should to consider becoming a Rumpus member:

Do you read The Rumpus? Appreciate small publishers? Support fairer pay for writers? Want to keep the site paywall FREE? Were you filled with existential dread the last time you learned one of your favorite literary publications went under (especially one you’d been planning on someday eventually subscribing to)?

Now is your chance to put those principles into practice!

Monthly and Annual Members receive:

A twice monthly members-only newsletter containing… Monthly Annual
Early News: be first to hear about calls for submissions, Rumpus events, and other opportunities
Exclusive Rumpus Content: newsletter-only essays, Q&As, and advice from our editors
Notes from the EiC and guest posts from some of our favorite writers
Our endless gratitude and the warm fuzzies from knowing you’re supporting one of the first and last independent lit mags around
A 20% off Rumpus merch after sign up (does not apply to book clubs or letters programs)
Access to a private Submittable portal for members where you can submit your work year-round
Access to select author/editor archived conversations via Rumpus Crowdcast. (A member-only promo code we’ll be emailed to you within 1 day of joining at the Annual level. To take part in live conversations, you must be a current Book Club and/or Poetry Book Club subscriber.)
One free month of the member-only newsletter
At the Membership + Letters Levels you’ll receive the above, plus:
Letters in the Mail from authors in your real life mailbox! 2 x a month you’ll receive a postmarked letter from one of our favorite writers in your actual, physical mailbox. Some of the letters are typed, others are handwritten, and some include doodles or poems. All of the letters have a creative prompt of some kind and include return addresses in case you want to reply. [This bundle is a 21% savings at both the monthly or yearly level vs. purchasing a Membership + Letters subscription separately.]


We’ve been running hard here at The Rumpus since 2009. We’ve done a handful or crowdfunding campaigns since the magazine began, but it’s clear that we need ongoing support. You can see our current funding sources below and where we’re hoping our readers’ (that’s you) additional support will fit in.

Here’s what your membership will make possible for us:

  • Goal 1: 500 members: assuming our other programs (Book Clubs & Letters in the Mail subscriptions) and merch sales remain stable. This # of active subscribers helps us fill in the revenue vs. expenses gap to cover our current basic operating costs (web hosting, tech support, various subscriptions, contributor pay, small stipends for Editor-in-Chief, Store, & Programs managers, etc.)
  • Goal 2: 600 members: basic operating costs, PLUS this would double our current contributor funding pool from $300 to $600/month, so we’ll be able to pay our 20-35 monthly contributors at least $25-$50 per piece. This is where we hope to be as soon as possible!
  • Goal 3: 750 members: All of the above, PLUS investing in a website refresh. We haven’t had one in 13 years, and it’s time. This is where we hope to be by mid-2023 or sooner.
  • Goal 4: 1,000 members: All of the above, PLUS paying our contributors at least $50-$100 per piece. This is where we hope to be by the end of 2023 or sooner.
  • Ultimate Goal: 3,000+ members: This is just 2-3% of the visitors who read The Rumpus each month, and would get us to a fully sustainable place. Imagine all of the above, plus being able to pay part-time editors, and the capacity to begin new projects like a Rumpus writing residency? A dream!

How close are we to achieving these goals?

We officially launched on June 1, 2022! We’ll update our progress here periodically and celebrate loudly once we reach out benchmark goals! January 1, 2023 update: 357 Rumpus Members, 59% toward our 1st goal!

Already a MEMBER or looking for other ways to support The Rumpus?

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  • Make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible contribution in any amount through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

Current Members
: We’ll begin sending out the twice a month members-only newsletter at the middle and end of every month starting Thursday, June 16th, 2022. Need to update your Membership info (email, payment information, etc.)? Visit the Rumpus store and click on My Account to log in and make any updates you may need.