Morning Coffee: The Long Pour


sky high morning links like rain

We just like 3a.m. Magazine. That’s all there is to it.

Robocops on Unicorns.

Bob Dylan at The Superbowl.

Anna’s awesome Twitters. (The Rumpus also Twitters.)

Vicarious MFA.

Every issue of McSweeney’s being auctioned for charity.

Why The Rumpus, in general, really hates lists. (Especially when the people writing them are getting paid. C’mon people, lazy!) (But there are exceptions, and we reserve the right to publish our own lists.) (Who am I to call anybody lazy, I’ve been fired twelve times.)


I’m writing this on a plane to New York.

I’m going to New York for The Rumpus Launch Party. You should really really get your tickets in advance.

I would appreciate it if people would send in nominations for Morning Coffee links.

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