Who We Are

Editor-in-Chief – Marisa Siegel (marisa AT therumpus.net)

Managing Editor – Lyz Lenz (lyz AT therumpus.net)

Books Editor – Brian Hurley (books AT therumpus.net)

Comics Editor – Brandon Hicks (brandon AT therumpus.net)

Digital/Electronic/New Media Literature Editor – Amy Letter (amy AT therumpus.net)

Fiction Editor – Sarah Lyn Rogers (sarah AT therumpus.net)

Film, TV, & Media Editor – Eileen G’Sell (eileen AT therumpus.net)

Interviews Editor – Ian MacAllen (ian AT therumpus.net)

Music Editor – Patrick Boyle (patrick AT therumpus.net)

Poetry Editor – Brian Spears (poetry AT therumpus.net)

Funny Women Editor – Elissa Bassist (funnywomen AT therumpus.net)

Senior Literary Editor – Julie Greicius

Saturday Editor – Terese Mailhot (terese AT therumpus.net)

Sunday Co-Editors – Toni Nealie (toni AT therumpus.net) and Patrick Thornton (pthornton AT therumpus.net)

Editorial Assistant/Social Media Manager – P.E. Garcia (pegarcia AT therumpus.net)

Tumblr Editor – Caitlin Kenney

Letters Administrator and Store Manager – Wendy Rutkowski (wendy AT therumpus.net)

Children’s Correspondence Editor – Cecil Castelluci

Assistant Essays Editors – Amy Sayre Baptista, Daisy Hernández

Assistant Fiction Editors  – Sage Curtis, Andrew Tucker

Deputy Interviews Editor – Emma Winsor Wood

Assistant Interviews Editor – Jayson Flores, Patty Nash

Assistant Music Editor – Liz Wood

Assistant Poetry Editors – Tiffany Midge, Molly Spencer

Senior Vice President in Charge of Morning Coffee  – Dan Weiss (morningcoffee AT therumpus.net)

Site Administrator – Jesse Keyes

Comics Editor Emeritus – Paul Madonna

Essays Editor Emeritus – Roxane Gay

Illustrator Emeritus – Jason Novak

Interviews Editor Emeritus – Rebecca Rubenstein

Music Editor Emeritus – Katy Henriksen

Tumblr Editor Emeritus – Molly McArdle

Founder – Stephen Elliott

The Rumpus Advisory Board: Mary-Kim ArnoldMelissa FebosRoxane GayKima JonesCeleste NgCheryl StrayedClaire Vaye Watkins