SMALL POTATOES: Better Than Caffeine


On Tuesday, November 24th, four limited edition prints from Paul’s new yearly series Album will be released by 20× If you choose to log on to 20×200, you can have a chance at getting one of ten prints being released for only $10. You will, of course, also be required to answer a Small Potatoes trivia question, because despite what you believed when you dropped out of sixth grade to work the railroads, there will always be a test.

Paul Madonna produces the weekly strip All Over Coffee for the San Francisco Chronicle,, and the Rumpus, as well as the strip Small Potatoes for the Rumpus. Paul travels internationally to draw, and his work is shown in museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes, and is published in various book collections and publications. In 2007 the first collection of All Over Coffee was published by City Lights Books, and the second collection, Everything is its own reward, was released in April 2011 and won the NCBR Recognition Award for best book of the year. Paul is also the comics editor here on the Rumpus, which he swears came after he was asked to publish on the site. In 1994 he received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and that same year he was the first (ever!) Art Intern at MAD Magazine, for which he proudly received no money. Paul currently lives with his wife in San Francisco. More from this author →