More on Haiti Part 5


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Seems like Rush Limbaugh wasn’t satisfied with being the second-most-dickish person on the Haiti earthquake (though I use the term person loosely).

Ta-Nehisi Coates points out that Pat Robertson equated the rejection of slavery with the rejection of Christ.

The President of PEN Haiti and his wife have been confirmed dead in the earthquake.

Matt Yglesias suggests looser immigration policies might be called for in the wake of the earthquake.

Deaths could reach 50,000, Red Cross estimates.

The Red Cross has raised more than $5 million via text message.

Facebook’s spam prevention is cutting off some Haitian users. They say they’re looking into it.

It’s shitty that this is a necessary story, but it is all the same. Watch for scam artists.

Ken Silverstein delivers a much needed backhand to those who would ignore the damage western powers have done to Haiti over the years.

Put simply, Amex rocks, Visa gets it eventually, and Mastercard sucks for now. The exception, it seems, is Capital One.

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