The Latest from Haiti


There’s some understandable frustration among Haitians about the slow pace of the aid coming in. Daniel Kaszor explains why getting aid to the people who need it is so difficult. Short version: the needed infrastructure is gone.

Not all charities are equally efficient with their donations. CBS4 looks at one in particular, but anyone who is giving can do their own due diligence with this Charity Navigator.

The earthquake could have an effect on Florida politics. Rep. Kendrick Meek (D), who is running for Senate, represents more Haitian-Americans than any other member of Congress.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will team up to raise funds for Haiti relief. Like father, like son?

Most of the attention has been focused on Port-au-Prince. But that wasn’t the only city ravaged by the earthquake. Jacmel is cut off as well.

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