Chats With Random Men #5: Rajendra


This week Alina randomly chats with a Nepali poet:

11:07 pm Rajendra
Hi madam

11:07 pm Alina
Hello sir

11:08 pm Rajendra
How are you?

11:08 pm Alina
Great! And you?

11:08 pm Rajendra
so you are singer right

11:08 pm Alina
Yup! And you?

11:09 pm Rajendra
i am just writer

11:09 pm Alina
“just” ?

11:09 pm Rajendra
i don’t have good voice to sing a song
ya i do write songs and poems
i came to know that you are singer from this facebook
but i haven’t heard your songs
no no madam

11:11 pm Alina
facebook is very informative!

11:11 pm Rajendra
i just short poems that is limited into my note book
ya it is
because of this FB we are now chatting each other
though we are far from the distance
so which country do you belong

11:13 pm Alina
everything you say is true, Rajendra!
I belong to the US

11:13 pm Rajendra
o see great country

11:14 pm Alina
thanks! where are you from?

11:14 pm Rajendra
Its a very small country Nepal
have you heard this name

11:14 pm Alina
I have TOTALLY heard of Nepal. Everyone who likes yoga goes there.

11:15 pm Rajendra
o see
so you are also in plan to come here

11:15 pm Alina
Ha! That would be really nice. I have no plan to go to Nepal but hopefully someday!

11:15 pm Rajendra
most of the part of the country is sorrounded with villages
if you wish to come then we are sure to welcome here

11:16 pm Alina
I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

11:16 pm Rajendra
thank you mam
what about your life
so you are still single

11:17 pm Alina
Nope! Married.

11:17 pm Rajendra
o see

11:17 pm Alina

Alina Simone is a Brooklyn-based singer. She is currently at work on a book of essays about Russia, family and the tragic-comic struggle to make it in indie rock for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More from this author →