Chats With Random Men #6: Kleber, Part I


This chat begins a three-part discussion with Alina’s new friend, Kleber, Klebe, the Klebes:

10:38 pm Kleber

hello Alina Simone

10:38 pm Alina
what’s up, Kleb?

10:38 pm Kleber
How are you doing it?

10:38 pm Alina
I’m doing it, um, pretty well. The usual way, I guess. You?

10:39 pm Kleber
pretty good, couldn’t be better

10:40 pm Kleber
so whats new babe?

10:40 pm Alina
well. i’m sitting here trying to write a new song on a keyboard. the problem is, i can’t play keyboard.

10:41 pm Kleber
lol, i can help you writing a song
i’m good it
whats the song About it Alina

10:41 pm Alina
it’s about being sad
do you know anything about that?

10:42 pm Kleber
being sad, lol lol
o thats a really big challenge

10:42 pm Alina
i know. it’s a pretty challenging new concept for a song.

10:43 pm Kleber
sad, have a lot of thing in life, sad about what????????????
life, love, money,
give some points of view babe ?

10:44 pm Alina
well, babe. you know how it is… that feeling you get when things don’t work out… like when your drummer quit.
Remember? Sad.

10:44 pm Kleber
shit, you’ve got me now!!!

10:45 pm Kleber
what’s the tittle of the song ?

10:46 pm Alina
Kleb? You need some help either spelling or typing.
It doesn’t have a name yet because I haven’t written it.

10:47 pm Kleber
i think my keyboard is not working properly so i might get a new one in christmas
the good thing is you understand me, don’t you?

10:48 pm Alina
I totally understand you, Klebes!

10:48 pm Kleber
lol, high five , sweetheart

10:49 pm Alina
right back attacha, my brutha

10:49 pm Kleber
hey one question ?

10:49 pm Alina

10:50 pm Kleber
have you ever been in brooklyn dinner at Times Square before ?

10:50 pm Alina
Um. Nope!

10:50 pm Kleber
are you 100% sure

10:51 pm Alina
I would never lie to you, Klebes. At least, not about that.

10:51 pm Kleber
never mind what i saw!!!! it’s OK

10:51 pm Alina
wait, what did you see?

10:52 pm Kleber
so where are you performing now, I heard you’re in Europe now?

10:52 pm Alina
What did you see at brooklyn diner?

10:53 pm Kleber
its something worst than friday the 13th part 2
worst than friday the 13th part 3

10:54 pm Alina

10:54 pm Kleber
i’m not going to tell you even if you pay me 100$$$$$$  bucks

Alina Simone is a Brooklyn-based singer. She is currently at work on a book of essays about Russia, family and the tragic-comic struggle to make it in indie rock for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More from this author →