Hitchens On Dying


“At a luncheon earlier in the day with Hitchens and Berlinski, Taunton asked Hitchens about his health problems. ‘Well, I’m dying, since you asked,’ Hitchens replied. ‘So are you, but I’m doing it faster and in more rich and fecund detail.'”

Despite recently undergoing chemotherapy for esophageal cancer, Hitchens still shows up to debate a believer.

Now I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school and did my obligatory rebellions  and now, like many lazy urbanites, I guess I’m an “agnostic” with pseudo-mystical pretensions. But really I’m just a mild hedonist who doesn’t want to be forgotten.

Yet is it just me or is there something incredibly brave about a fervent atheist talking jocularly about his all-too-impending death?

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