Chats With Random Men #11: Amit


Singer Alina Simone chats with random men on her Facebook page — and occasionally fights with random men … meet Amit.

1:56am Amit

1:56am Alina
Hello Amit Singh!

1:56am Amit
hw are u

1:57am Alina
You really don’t want to know, Amit. I am more than a little pregnant and the details don’t look pretty when committed to cold, hard print.

1:58am Amit

1:58am Alina
Thanks for asking though. How the hell are you?

1:59am Amit
something wrong with u?

2:00am Alina
No! This is just how I am.

2:01am Amit
i think u are in tension

2:02am Alina
It’s possible…

2:03am Amit
may be i dont understand what u want to say and why say to me

2:04am Alina
I actually think you understand quite well! Let me try again: How are you?

2:05am Amit
are u student ?

2:07am Alina
Nope. I am a singer and a writer and a person who lies on the couch and tries not to throw up. What do you do?

2:09am Amit
i’m an engineer

2:09am Alina

2:09am Amit

2:10am Alina
Good question. Hmm. Is it secretly not interesting…?

2:13am Amit
why it is secretly?

2:13am Alina
Ok, is it simply not interesting being an engineer?
You are making this kind of difficult, Amit.

2:16am Amit
u are not intrested to chat with me

2:17am Alina

That’s not true Amit! I don’t understand how things started off so nicely and now we’re in a fight.

2:18am Amit
actually u say me how the hell are u?

2:19am Alina
yes, that’s just an enthusiastic way of saying HOW ARE YOU?!?

2:20am Amit
so i hv a question for u?

2:21am Alina
Go for it!

2:21am Amit
can we friends ?

2:22am Alina
Sure, Amit! I think we already are friends. Or at least, “friends.”
But it is late and I am very sleepy, so we will have to be “friends” later. Goodnight 🙂

2:27am Amit
ok i hv also some work
talk to u later

Alina Simone is a Brooklyn-based singer. She is currently at work on a book of essays about Russia, family and the tragic-comic struggle to make it in indie rock for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More from this author →