Chats With Random Men #9: Anil


Russian singer Alina Simone continues her random Facebook chats with men, this week discussing constipation and pregnancy with a Turkish fan:

1:52pm Anil
haw are you

1:53pm Alina
Hello! Me? Well, I’m pregnant and can’t say that I’ve really felt that
well since week 7. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all and had to wake
up in the middle of the night to pee like 8 times. How are you?

1:53pm Anil
ı am little speak english
ı am turkish
your fan

1:54pm Alina
Got it! Well, thanks right back to you Turkish Fan! You look a little like Che Guevara in your photo.

1:55pm Anil
ı am che guavera fan

1:55pm Alina
I see! Are you planning to take over the Turkish government?

turkey very good government

1:58pm Alina
Okay! I can’t disagree really, based on my limited experience with the Turkish government.

1:59pm Anil
you very lovely

2:00pm Alina
My dear Anil Yilmaz Akin, if only you could see me now, in my pajamas, five months pregnant, more than a little constipated…

2:00pm Anil
my god

2:01pm Alina
Yes, better I stare at the picture of Che and you stare at the picture of me sitting on my bed and playing electric guitar that was taken 8 years ago.

2:01pm Anil
see you

2:04pm Alina
Have a great weekend! Eat some künefe for me!

2:04pm Anil

2:05pm Alina
Isn’t that some kind of Turkish dessert? Sorry, I have no idea, actually. I totally just quickly looked up “Turkish Food” on Wikipedia.

2:05pm Anil

Alina Simone is a Brooklyn-based singer. She is currently at work on a book of essays about Russia, family and the tragic-comic struggle to make it in indie rock for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More from this author →