Chats with Random Men #12: Rajendra


Chatting with random men via Facebook, singer Alina Simone solicits advice from Nepal on whether or not to feed her unborn child a donut.  

10:14pm Rajendra
hello mam good morning

10:15pm Alina
Hi Raj! How’s Nepal today?

10:16pm Rajendra
due to winter season its extremely growing cold

10:17pm Alina
Ah! Yes. That sounds familiar. The same phenomenon is occurring here too!

10:18pm Rajendra
what about your musical journey?

10:19pm Alina
I have to admit, my musical journey is standing pretty still right now. I did just release a cover of Britney Spears’ “Oops!… I did it again” Otherwise my days pretty much mirror those of my cat. How are you doing?

10:22pm Rajendra
I am very much happy to know this. its intresting what you have done. my time is passing with the regular duty…office to home and home to office

10:24pm Alina
Office to home and home to office! What do you do at the office? Do you ever stop for a donut on the way to office/home? Do they have donuts in Nepal?!?

10:25pm Rajendra
ya mam i am working in a private organization as an administrator.
donuts???? is this a cake item??

10:27pm Alina
Exactly! A cake item!!! It is round with a hole in the middle. And surprisingly fattening!

10:28pm Rajendra
ya mam it is available
i also like it very much
but why did you remember this cake now?

10:30pm Alina
I am glad that we can connect on this level, Raj. I remember this cake now, because I am pregnant, and find myself very badly wanting this donut every day. However, I am also very, very vain, and don’t want too get too fat, as I am already really quite fat enough.

10:33pm Rajendra
Really mam it is amazing that you are that fond of this thing
but try to control your weight and fat

10:34pm Alina
It’s a hard life

10:34pm  Rajendra
try to make it simple
i believe you will get it change

10:35pm Alina
Some people think Americans have it easy, see? But look what I’m dealing with over here! This donut thing will eventually drive me mad.

10:40pm Rajendra
i think mam donut is fatty item to take enough. and the other hand some of the reason behind this is the baby inside your womb also the cause of this. In our country in the countryside people have a belief the pregenant woman wish to have the things according to the child in their womb i.e. m/f

10:41pm Alina
In other words, my daughter wants a donut. The question becomes: When is it too early to start instilling some discipline?

Alina Simone is a Brooklyn-based singer. She is currently at work on a book of essays about Russia, family and the tragic-comic struggle to make it in indie rock for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More from this author →