Saturday Morning Links


It’s day two of National Poetry Month, which means it’s day 2 of our poem-a-day project. Today’s poem is from Sandy Longhorn, and you can get to all Rumpus Original Poems here.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant is now leaking highly radioactive water into the ocean.

This is insane–in Indonesia, Citibank debt collectors are arrested for killing a customer over a debt.

Yesterday’s Disunion column in the NY Times described April Fools Day pranks during the Civil War era. I copied that link from the Facebook page, so I’m hoping it will get you around the paywall.

I’ve never read anything (that I know of) by Manning Marable, who died yesterday, but given the praise of his work coming from a number of people I respect, I think I will be soon.

Scott Horton breaks down the latest loathsome decision from the US Supreme Court. Dahlia Lithwick further destroys it.

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