Miss Representation


“‘When girls look to the media for models they can achieve in the real world, they see newspapers and TV anchors talking about female politicians’ haircuts and fashion choices,’ says Jennifer L. Pozner, the founder of Women in Media and News and the author of Reality Bites Back. ‘And then they turn to reality TV, where they’re told that the only route to power is through beauty and humiliation. So what are girls to think about what’s possible for them?’”

—from The Daily Beast article, “Does the Media Hate Women?” on the new documentary from director Jennifer Seibel Newsom, Miss Representation, which shows how Hollywood and the media objectify women.

LaToya Jordan is a native Brooklynite whose poetry has appeared in MiPOesias, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, The November 3rd Club, The Splinter Generation, qarrtsiluni, and other journals. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and mentors a budding young writer with the organization Girls Write Now. She is inspired by crime dramas and often peruses the web in search of true-life macabre stories for her poetry. Her friends are afraid. She blogs about her writing life at www.latoyalikestowrite.com. More from this author →