Saturday Morning Links


I woke up yesterday, saw that the temperature outside was 36 degrees and thought “that’s not so bad.” I think I’m adjusting to the idea of winter, though it’s still early yet.

I already watch Mythbusters regularly, but I can’t wait to see this episode, given that they accidentally shot a cannonball through someone’s house.

Rick Perry’s “Strong” ad, which has spawned numerous parodies, also hit the most-hated list on YouTube, because the Perry campaign forgot to turn off the function which allows users to rate videos. How bad was it? It got more dislikes than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video.

You have got to be kidding me. What the hell is wrong with them?

Can you tell the difference between quotes from a men’s magazine and from rapists?

A note to my fellow atheists out there: Bill Donohue, uber-jackass leader of the Catholic League, wants a Catholic to adopt you. If someone approaches me about it, I’ll tell them I’m down as long as I’m in on the inheritance, but I want the treasure stored up on earth, not the stuff waiting in heaven.

Lastly, I’d like to take a moment to remember my uncle, Bee Spears, who died unexpectedly late Thursday night. He was Willie Nelson’s bassist for over 40 years, and even though I saw him rarely, he had an incredible impact on my life. I’ll miss you, Uncle Bee.

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