Lit-Link Round-up


If you’re not listening to literary podcasts, you’re missing out.  Some recent highlights:

The Bat Segundo Show: now with Deborah Scroggins and upcoming with Stewart O’Nan.

Other People with Brad Listi: always good but running on an especially killer streak with new episodes featuring Caroline Leavitt, Vanessa Veselka, Alan Heathcock, Claire Bidwell Smith and Tayari Jones.

Tyson Cornell, a man with his hand in pretty much every aspect of book culture, runs broadcasts through Rare Bird Lit and takes callers.

My Chicago homie, author Ben Tanzer, runs This Podcast Will Change Your Life, and isn’t above interviewing you while drunk under the el tracks.  (Or I wasn’t above being interviewed drunk under some el tracks, is what I’m saying.)


Sunday Rumpus alums celebrate books now officially on sale:

Stacy Bierlein’s A Vacation on the Island of Ex-Boyfriends is now available for pre-order on Amazon and the indies.

Claire Bidwell Smith celebrated her official release date for The Rules of Inheritance.  Claire is smoking hot right now, people.  It’s pretty awesome.


And Miscellaneous:

Franzen comes out in favor of paper books.  Me, I’m more sympathetic to his views than I care to admit, even though they’re unrealistic and, as Quenby Moore points out, he’ll probably cash those e-book checks.

My first novel dropped just a week before I gave birth to my son—here, that old metaphor of book-and-baby as “twins” is explored further on The Millions.

The lovely Elissa Schappell shared this on FB; I’d never heard it and am not sure how I’ve previously lived.  Plath reads “Lady Lazarus.”  Chilling-gorgeous.

The first time I published Dan Chaon in Other Voices magazine, I thought, This fucking guy is gonna be a rock star.  I love being right.  Here, Dan elevates the WSJ.


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