Saturday Morning Links


I usually try to start things out on the light side on Saturday mornings. I mean, I haven’t watched Saturday morning cartoons in twenty years now I guess (do they even still exist?) and I’ve traded in sugary cereal for homemade breakfast burritos (so good I included a promise to make them at least once a week in my wedding vows, not that I’m bragging), so why start with a downer?

But this story is too important, and too shitty, to open with a joke. Read this Rolling Stone piece on Anoka, Minnesota and the damage its residents are doing to its teenagers, especially the LGBTQ ones, but also to the bullies who aren’t being called out the way they should be. This community is damaging their next generation.

Now for something lighter. Have you been told you should read Caitlin Flanagan’s Girl Land but you really don’t want to? Here’s the important parts, made more palatable by the use of cat photos.

I’d be wary of this idea if Alan Moore were writing them, but there’s no way this is a good idea.

I think you’ll like this essay, The Admiring Ignorant, by an old friend of mine, William Bradley.

Dahlia Lithwick on how Stephen Colbert is hammering the Supreme Court over Citizens United.

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