Saturday Morning Links


Two days ago I watched rain turn into snow and back into rain again over a three minut stretch. I’ve never seen that before.

Hooray for Kickstarter–I really mean that–but it’s more than a little messed up that they’re going to distribute more money this year than the NEA, not because Kickstarter is distributing so much, but because the NEA is distributing so little, especially when compared to what the federal government spends on much less beneficial programs. $146 million is nothing on the federal level.

Lots of big stories this week about personhood amendment and unnecessary invasive medical procedures and attacks on a woman’s right to choose her own medical care. This story got lost a little in the shuffle. It’s about how some women–including a 15-year old–are facing significant jail time for a miscarriage.

There are consequences to pushing conscience-based sex education, and they’re not pleasant ones.

These people really are blue bloods.

A manifesto for web kids.

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