Google is a poet. Does it know it?


Started on November 4th 2012, Google Poetics is a tumblr dedicated to unveiling the works coauthored by the world in Google’s search box.

For example, when you begin to type “i am ve” and Google suggests places these letters have led others; “i am vengeance i am the night,” “i am vermont strong,” “i am vertical sylvia plath,” but also just “i am very bored.”

According to its Finnish founders Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo, Google Poetics is important because, “Obviously Google is not Shakespeare, Whitman or Dickinson – it can not illuminate the unknown. But it does reveal our inner workings, our fears and prejudices, secrets and shames, the hope and longing of a modern individual.”

Caroline Kangas calls both Seattle and San Francisco home (though she currently resides in the latter). She recently received a mouthful of a liberal arts degree from the University of San Francisco and can be found selling pirate supplies at 826 Valencia or wandering the streets with her diva of a french bulldog, Elle. More from this author →