Juicy Poetry and Film Theory for Your Friday


HTMLGIANT features Carrie Lorig’s breathtaking review of Raul Zurita’s Dreams for Kurosawaa book of poems provoked jointly by the film Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (take that literally; Kurosawa directed a haunting film which reproduced dreams he actually had) and Augusto Pinochet’s horrific coup d’etat of 1973.

“This book lifts itself up from the feeling that a book/a film (in this case)/a song/a shard you’ve just received some real heart steam from is something that’s been an old cave inside you for however long your heart has been around and working pretty okay. You feel and you wonder how you ever were not with whatever chunk of human guts it is, how it ever wasn’t a part of your surviving. You know that you are witnessing something that was made from the earth’s original teeth, that you will speak larger from now on.”

Also on HTMLGIANT, please find Pier Paolo Pasolini’s riveting essay on the long take.

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