Nick Cave Monday #8: “Into My Arms”


I have dedicated “Into My Arms” to every woman I have fallen in love with. They were only able to rent this song while they had my heart.

There will never be a woman who can outlast the years of my fanboy love for Nick Cave.

It’s a mathematical impossibility.

“Into My Arms” is the greatest love song ever written.

Here’s “Into My Arms” for MTV with a fun intro by Mr. Cave:

When I was a cheeky little Nick Cave fan, I thought the song was about heroin. I was wrong. Now it means more to me as a love song.

Here’s an excellent version from “God Is in the House” DVD:

Vat? You are Polish and you don’t understand zee lyrics? We are here to serve the needs of Polish lovers. Let’s watch Stanislaw Soyka interpret the song with a very happy ending:

This week’s Nick Cave Monday is dedicated to the next woman I fall in love with. Babe, this song is for you. And you don’t even know it yet.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for Nick Cave Monday.

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