Anti-Hipster sentiments rising in Berlin


According to a recent article in The L Magazine, anti-hipster and tourist sentiments seem to be growing in Berlin.

The article suggests an upsurge of abuse has been directed towards tourists and hipsters, who some Berlin-ians blame for gentrification.

Here in America, we handle controversy over hipsters and gentrification by making nervous, self-conscious jokes about it and hoping someone changes the subject. Over in Germany, they take things a little more seriously. Seriously enough that in response to the persecution, Berlin’s hipster sympathizers have formed their very own Antifa.

Since hipsters and tourist aren’t leaving Berlin anytime soon, it’s probably best if everyone just sits down over a table of Becks and bratwurst and learns to be friends.

Pat Johnson is currently working on his master’s in Fiction Writing at San Francisco State University, and is the owner and editor of the satirical news website The New Porker. When Pat’s not reading or writing he’s likely squeezing a lime into a Tecate and headed to the dance floor. He also creates short films, documentaries, and sketch comedies. Pat is completing his first novel, The Virgin and Marilyn Monroe, and writing a book of Creative Non-Fiction short stories. More from this author →