Saving Enoh Meymesse


Cameroonian writer and activist Enoh Meyomesse has been detained for thirteen months–including one month of solitary confinement–at Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé, despite the fact that he has yet to be convicted of anything.

Meyomesse has authored several books and is the founder of the Cameroon Writers Association. In November of 2011, he was initially charged with attempt to organize a coup, firearm possession and theft. Although all charges were dropped in June, the government commissioner has extended Meyomesse’s detention by insisting that there is evidence yet to procure. The case is shrouded in tones of political corruption, and the court decides whether or not the writer will serve a seven year sentence on December 27th.

Read more about the campaign to free Meyonmesse at English PEN and check out his translated poetry here.

Julie Morse lives in San Francisco and is a poetry teacher. She can be found @JulieMorse16. More from this author →