Last week, we kicked off our third round of Letters to Each Other.

The way it works is you send us a letter, no more than one page (front and back OK), and a self addressed stamped envelope. We send you five letters back and photocopy your letter and send it out to five other people. We encourage you to put your mailing address on your letter, you might end up with a pen pal. Also, make sure you send a large enough envelope as your SASE (a #9 or #10). If your envelope is smaller than that you won’t get back as many letters.

You have to be a subscriber of Letters in the Mail to participate. Obviously, we’re not making any money on this, it’s just a cool thing to connect people. We found the response was better the first time when it was only open to subscribers, than the second time when we allowed anyone to participate. If you’re a subscriber and you need the address to mail your letter, send an email to  [email protected].

Letters must be post-dated by Friday, January 18. (Tomorrow!)