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Two of my favorite LA-based writers are Rumpus Contributors Antonia Crane and Melissa Chadburn. I admire and respect them as people and writers. This week, Melissa wrote her take on Django and Antonia wrote My Thunder Thighs.


This week, I stayed in a place filled with books. Issues of McSweeney’s and The Believer were neatly arranged on the shelves. I touched the spines of books by Joan Didion and Vendela Vida, Janet Malcolm and Zadie Smith. I thumbed through art books and discovered Marina Kappos. Here are some examples of her Tokyo artwork.


At an apartment in West Hollywood, my friend and I watched reality television. On the coffee table was an award he recently won for Best New Comer for his performance in gay porn. The award was a framed dildo, which was placed on top of his copy of The Velvet Rage.

I told him, I like porn. Book porn! I opened my computer and showed him Bookshelf Porn, which recently featured L.A.’s The Last Bookstore.


Zen monk and writer Brad Warner performed in the adaptation of Tao Lin’s Shoplifting from American Apparel. If you’re in San Francisco, you can see the premiere of this film. Today! 4 p.m.


Here are articles for your viewing pleasure:

Turkey Lifts Bans on Thousands of Books

Tina Fey’s Dear Internet

More writing resolutions. This time from Tin House.

I teach yoga at a cancer center, some instructors teach in prisons. Neal Pollack’s Warrior at Peace.

Speaking of Neal Pollack, I interviewed him about yoga (and books and life) for The Rumpus a few years ago. This interview includes illustrations of animals in yoga poses.

Yoga helped me with my PTSD and body trauma and now my entire body language has changed. Here is an interesting TED Talk about body language and power dynamics.

Also, did you ever see this New Yorker article featuring Five Key TED Talks?


Saturday Morning Cartoon!

Last week we watched the first episode of Carson Mell’s Tarantula.

This week, let’s watch the second episode!

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