Links I Like


I have a cold, which means I’m slightly delirious and watching a lot of videos online. In other words: Welcome to Links I Like, Video Edition.

Let’s start Saturday with a cartoon. This morning, we’re taking a break from Carson Mell’s Tarantula series to watch Charlyne Yi’s The Hunter.

Let’s follow it with Out of Sight. What is this? I don’t know but it’s adorable. This video also has to do with loss. (That is my bad attempt to connect the theme of those two videos. A bit of a reach there.)

Moving on.

Maria Bamford and James Urbaniak team up for a Dinosaur Jr. video. (Can they collaborate on more projects, Universe? Make that happen, please.)

In case you never saw this: James Urbaniak in Stephen Elliott’s short film Mr. Gracie.

There was a bloody nose in that Dinosaur Jr. video. Did you see Isaac Fitzgerald with a bloody nose in Joshua Mohr’s Fight Song book trailer.  (See what I did there? With the bloody nose?)

Have you seen Father Philanthropy? This is beautiful and strange and lovely.

My friend helped me line edit a short story. Then he sent me this short clip.

I do have a few things for you that aren’t videos:

Virginia Woolf had a sister who did art. Woodcuts to be exact.

This is fun: 10 Fiction Libraries I’d Love to Visit

Did you read Jennine Capó Crucet’s Magic City Relic?

What about Ben Loory’s James K. Polk? At a recent reading, I heard Ben Loory read this story and I fell in love with Polk all over again. I have a presidential crush on Polk. Don’t look at me like that.

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