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Last week we took a break from Carson Mell’s Tarantula. Now we are back with Episode 3.

In case you missed these not Rumpus links in The Daily Rumpus: The Futile Pursuit of Happiness and Why A Straight Man Like Me Cares About Transgender Rights.

Below are my Rumpus related links:

Adrian Todd Zuniga’s review of Afternoon Delight.

Seth Fischer’s That’s Life.

Antonia Crane’s Interview with Daphne Gottlieb

Want to learn more about Yumi Sakugawa? You can do so here. She made her comic “I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You” into a comic booklet. I am constantly in friend-love. My friend heart gets broken a lot. It’s a problem. Or maybe it’s not. When you break, you soften. It’s an opening of sorts. A discard of armor.

Rumpus contributor Jory John wrote a comic called Bugs Bunny II. His comic reminded me that when I was eight years old, my teammates on the little league team called me Bugs Bunny. I had a large overbite and was the only girl on the team. I was an easy target. I don’t have an overbite anymore and I’m not sure there are teams but I am probably still an easy target.

Yesterday was Virginia Woolf’s birthday, which means we will now look at the place setting that Judy Chicago made for her. Now let’s look at all The Dinner Party place settings. Let’s not forget the entry banners.

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