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Meiko Takechi Arquillos took this photo of a preteen, and the portrait is beautiful and complex and true. This photograph reminds me of Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra. Do you know her work? If not, here is a photo to get you started.

Both Meiko and Rineke capture preteens, and I like the photographs, I do. But I cannot stay with their photos for much time. In Art Objects, Jeanette Winterson wrote, “Supposing we made a pact with a painting and agreed to sit down and look at it, on our own, with no distractions, for one hour…What would we find?”

If I stayed with these portraits, I would find myself. The girl of 12, 13, 14.  If I stayed with their portraits for one hour, they would transform me. I would accept and forgive and love who I was at 12, 13, 14.

But that’s a lot of emotional work. I’m not ready and table the assignment. One day, I’ll get there. I’m already on my way, afterall.


Q: Do you know what Tumblr I am fully in love with?

A: My Boyfriend’s Socks.

One of my favorite posts is Literal Sock.


Christoph Niemann illustrated A Tribute to Maurice Sendak, and in his tribute, Niemann included the “Fresh Air” Interview with Maurice Sendak.

Warning: You might cry.


Would you like to spend some time reading this Saturday? Allow me to help!

From the Los Angeles Times: 15 Literary Resolutions for 2013.

Lily Burana’s Sexy Dresses that Barely Fit.

The Top 10 Longreads in 2013. Congrats to Roxane Gay! She is on that list.

Speaking of Roxane, she wrote a thought-provoking essay about Django.

In one of his recent Daily Rumpus emails, Stephen Elliott wrote about Django. I wish I could link to the email but nope. Not an option. However, he made a rare exception and published one of them this week.

Also, he is looking for place to stay in Park City during Sundance. If you have a place where he can crash, let him know. He gives the best hugs.


If you like links, I highly recommend Dan Weiss’s Morning Coffee. If you missed this week’s links, start here.


What’s a Saturday without a cartoon?

Carson Mell’s first episode of Tarantula.

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