Weekend Rumpus Roundup


The Rumpus was packed like a tasty dumpling with features this weekend!

Amy Fusellman has an essay about what she learned besides tightrope walking while taking a tightrope-walking class.

Your One True Self: a comic by Yumi Sakugawa.

Melissa Chadburn interviews her mentor Dana Johnson about her novel Elsewhere, California and its take on class, race, and identity in Los Angeles.

My Parasite,” Gina Frangello’s shadowy, thrilling curiosity shop of a short story:

Rita and Lila met other conjoined twins at the conventions and dated them rigorously….The high point for Rita was when they dated the Cole twins for nearly a year. Jake and Russ Cole did not even share a liver; it was common knowledge in the community that they could have been successfully detached. At one time, law had mandated such things, but since the two-child policies had gone into effect, conjoining provided a potential loophole.

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