Lit-Link Round-up


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I give you the most insanely romantic thing I’ve ever read. I want this adorable old Russian couple on my mantle. If I had a mantle, that is.

A love affair between a lonely woman and a tortoise. The divine Caroline Leavitt in the New York Times‘ “Modern Love.”

Finalists announced for the Black Lawrence Press St. Lawrence Book Award.

Chicago tanks at #31 on the “most literate cities” list. DC ranks #1, with Seattle and Minneapolis following.

My goal is to figure out PayPal so I can buy Steve Almond’s Writs of Passion for my poor mom for Valentine’s Day. She’s cooped up in a rehab nursing home until March 1. My mom, she’s a big fan of the Steves (loves her some Stephen Elliott too and subscribes to both the Daily Rumpus and Letters in the Mail). She’s 80. She may not be that Russian couple, but her adorableness would make some damn fine mantle icing too.

Roy Kesey is Electric Literature‘s “Recommended Read” this week.

A few weeks ago one of my short stories, “My Parasite,” appeared on The Rumpus…I’m giddy that it also ended up selected for Ploughshares’ new “The Best Story I Read in a Lit Mag This Week” feature. Thanks, Lyndsey Reese, for a fabulously in-depth review!

Why do some kids respond well to pressure while others fall apart? The New York Times reports on the kind of judgmentally named Warriors vs. Worriers phenomenon. This should probably be required reading for our Hellicopter Parent generation.

Speaking of parenting…a huge congratulations to Thea Goodman on her debut novel, The Sunshine When She’s Gone. Having a day when you think maybe you could win the lamest-parent-ever award? Meet John, who has somehow ended up on a plane to Barbados with his infant daughter; he will run brilliantly neurotic, suspenseful circles around you.

Please don’t kill me, Emily or Stephen. I love this photo of Emily’s SO DAMN MUCH, I just had to share it here. Are they glam, people, or what? This should be a book cover. 

Gina Frangello’s next novel, Every Kind of Wanting, will be published by Counterpoint Press in Fall 2016. Her last novel, A Life in Men (Algonquin 2014), was selected for the Target Emerging Authors series and has been optioned by Universal Cable Productions/Denver & Delilah. She is also the author of two other books of fiction: Slut Lullabies (Emergency Press 2010), and My Sister’s Continent (Chiasmus 2006). She co-founded and served as the Executive Editor for many years at Other Voices Books, and has also been the fiction editor at The Nervous Breakdown and the Sunday editor of The Rumpus. Gina is on faculty at UCR-Palm Desert's low residency MFA program in Creative Writing. More from this author →