Spotlight: I Dream of Sweden


I have been thinking a lot about Sweden and Iceland. Maybe it’s because its cold in Chicago—and I know it’s much much colder there.

These cards, I have no idea what to think of them. The job I just lost, was throwing away all this paper and office stuff so I appropriated these horrible business holiday cards they had and didn’t care about. And so I drew whatever I was watching or thinking about.

I don’t know if I’ve conveyed anything positive. Perhaps it is winter. I’m in this thing where I’m pretending I’m in Scandinavia rather than in my apartment on the South Side of Chicago. My fantasy world is wearing thin, or maybe its my cloak of invisibility. Some people go nuts and shoot up the place and everyone in it, and I just pretend I’m in Sweden by watching 70s tv shows.


Mark Hardy is a musician, composer and artist currently living in Chicago. His music has been performed by the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, the Butchershop Quartet, and other ensembles around the world. Painting and drawing has always been a passion for him concurrent to music writing, and he is working on a series of graphic scores for improvisation that merge these two disciplines. Listen at: soundcloud, and: ottoman-vampyre, and: More from this author →