Emily Rapp In The NYT Book Review


The Still Point of The Turning World, Rumpus Book Club author Emily Rapp’s memoir about her Tay-Sachs inflicted son Ronan, is reviewed in The New York Times Book Review this week.

Sarah Manguso, herself the author most recently of the death-inspired memoir The Guardians, says this about Rapp’s book:

The best of these [“grief memoirs”] aren’t just sad stories; they’re attempts to write one’s way out of the crisis. So it is with Emily Rapp’s “Still Point of the Turning World” a memoir in which a mother’s grief occasions a brilliant study of the wages of mortal love.

The Still Point of the Turning World was our February selection for The Rumpus Book Club, and if a glowing review in The New York Times isn’t enough to get your interest piqued about Rapp’s book, then perhaps a bunch of our fervent readers peppering the nothing-less-than-charming author with questions might.