The Anti-Creative Writing Program Campaign


Jim Behrle has a satirical and biting take on the practicality of creative writing programs at The Awl this week.

Not only does he urge students to refrain from digging themselves into a hole of student loan debt, but he also recommends that there be fewer workshops and more classes on sharpening charisma, grant writing and accounting.

Books, of course, will be replaced by video games in the coming decade. To read a book you’ll probably have to spelunk into a wet, slimy hole on the outskirts of town and unearth a volume from underneath a layer of half-frozen gunk (and that will just be where they keep the Safran Foer’s books). There will be landfills with piles of Kindles stacked so high you will be able to view the vast nothing of the human experience in every direction until in its immensity you get so dizzy you’ll need another soma pill just to make you feel like living again.

Julie Morse lives in San Francisco and is a poetry teacher. She can be found @JulieMorse16. More from this author →