Spotlight: Dickson Lam and Ted Closson


Writer Dickson Lam and illustrator Ted Closson team up on a graphic story about Lam’s life called “You Think This Is Your House?”


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Page1-Dickson Lam

Page2-Dickson Lam

Page3 - Dickson Lam

Page4-Dickson Lam

Page5 -Dickson Lam

Dickson Lam earned an MFA degree in fiction from Rutgers-Newark University and also holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Columbia University. He is currently a nonfiction MFA candidate at the University of Houston. Dickson's nonfiction can be found in the Kartika Review and The Review Review. Ted Closson received his BA from the University of Maine at Augusta and his MFA in painting from the University of Houston. He is an illustration and design professional with over a decade's experience working as a freelance professional for a series of smaller clients and boutique design firms. For more, visit: More from this author →